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Urgent Needs of Orphan Children in Goa
1. We are in the process of doing the planning and drawing for the work to start in our new land with the house for the Children. We have to raise about 10 lakhs for the moment and the rest will be informed later once we receive the exact figures.
2. Building home for boys and girls.

We urgently are in need of cash contributions amounting to a total of Rs. 1 crore 40 lakhs towards building an Home / Orphanage home to comfortably accomodate our growing number of children.

Philantrophic and Charitable land lords or house owners willing to solve our accomodation problem are most welcome to contact us directly. We do not entertain agents, brokers or middlemen.

3. Sponsoring all the children.
We are in the urgent need of getting 22 sponsors to take care of all our children's needs on a monthly or yearly basis. Presently Care and Compassion - Goa, takes care of 22 children. The monthly cost to sponsor a child is 40 pounds a month.
4. Sponsoring Staff and other Miscellaneous expenses.
We urgently require sponsors to contribute towards the salaries of the staff. Currently the strength of staff at Care and Compassion - Goa, is seven. Salary expenses are fixed and reccurring every month to keep Compassion Home well managed and disciplined.
5. Sponsoring Care and Compassions 3 houses.
Currently we are accomodating all the boys in one apartment, all the girls are accomodated at the children's home at Altinho and the directors Prince Aaron Golden and his wife Sujatha's rental apartment at Taliegao.
6. Rent for all three homes, Boys home, Girls home and Trustees home in Nagalli Hills.

7.Freezer for the Girls home

8. Invertor for the Boys home
9. CCTV Camera’s for both the Boys and Girls homes

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